After many months training our intrepid bunch headed off to Nottingham for the Speedo Big Triathlon. Our common goal was to complete the race and raise funds in aid of the Climb Any Mountain charity. My goal was to survive.

It was a scorching hot day without a cloud in the sky but with a strong wind running up and down the course. I was both nervous and excited about the event, and our group all shared the same sense of anticipation, mixed with a healthy dose of dread.

When the time came to prepare I headed down the start with Carl, who was in my race. As we was getting ready I couldn’t help but notice all the high tech looking equipment everybody else had. I felt like the distinctly amateur I was. Carl and I squeezed into our wetsuits and gathered with the 100 or so in our race for the starters gun. At midday we were off. The swim was tough, but more so because of the wind. After a leisurely 5 mins in transition one, the bike ride was the toughest part, again due to the wind and the run was a gentle plod around the course to the finish. The finish line was a pleasant sight and the rest was well deserved. The massage and ice bath afterwards was both painful and blissful for my body. The rest of the afternoon was spent in the sun relaxing with a drink.

All in all, it was one for the scrapbook , though I’m glad it’s over. I’m not sure I will be in a rush to do another.


  • 750m Swim 17:57
  • T1 5:19
  • 20km Bike 45:42
  • T2 2:24
  • 5km Run 29:06
  • Race Time 1:40:28

Congratulations to Kim, Neil, Richard, Chloe, Carl, Daniel, Siobhan, Harriet, and our supporters Tamsin, Barbara, Steve, Matt and Lisa for a fantastic effort.

And a huge thanks to all that donated to our worthy cause. To date over we have raised over 4,000 pounds and are well on target for the 5,000 pounds required to begin the next phase of the project.

As promised here is the video of the challenge. Enjoy.

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