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2013 was my biggest year of adventure yet, as I successfully attempted a solo overland vehicle trip throughout Central Asia. The year 2012 was the year of adventure preparation. 2013 was the year of adventure. In 2014 I am now working on the documentary, the book and public speaking about the expedition.

The Great Game Expedition 2013

I departed London from the gates of the Royal Geographical Society at midday on Saturday 13th April 2013. I returned to London on February 1st 2014 having completed a 30,000 mile round trip to China / South East Asia and back.

The Goal

This was to explore Central Asia via the overland route of the Silk Road (from Turkey to China), and visit the historical locations associated with the term ‘The Great Game‘ (the phrase found in Rudyard Kipling’s book ‘Kim’ to describe the spy game between Tsarist Russia and England, for supremacy in Central Asia in the 1800’s). The aim is to explore the countries, the cultures and meet the local people. I’m keen to experience the local customs, beverages, adventure activities and historical landmarks along the way.

The Preparation

First and foremost I needed to plan a route and find the right vehicle. Research of the potential destinations and the local history has to be done an is ongoing. There are a number of skills that I have developed over the last 12-18 months in advance of departure, involving training for off-road driving, vehicle maintenance and navigation to name a few. There will be visas to arrange, gear to be purchased, along with talking to people that have already completed the trip.

The Story

I’ve decided to set some ambitious goals to record and share my passion for adventure. I plan to share a little of what interests me, and the experiences I have along the way. Not just the journey itself, but the challenge of preparing for it as well. I want to challenge myself to do new things and ultimately learn ways to tell the story. My aim is to capture the adventure through words, pictures, and film so I have a permanent record of the journey.

and finally…

I look forward to exciting new adventures, exploring new cultures, making new friends and having a load of fun along the way. To get the fun started I welcome you to provide me with a Yes Man Challenge. If you would like to follow my adventures you can follow me via this blog and my social media links.

If you’re interested in learning more or supporting the journey in any way, please get in touch via the contact page. I would happily welcome any local contacts or tips along the route.

Big O

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