Travel Insurance

When preparing for a journey across Central Asia insurance is one of those things that needs to be considered carefully. Due to the number of countries involved (somewhere between 30-40) getting the right insurance is key. I did a fair amount of research and spoke to a number of other travellers before I finally created the best solution for me.

There are a number of different types you need to consider. Vehicle insurance, 3rd party vehicle insurance, personal health insurance and equipment insurance. Most of these you can arrange before departure.

Vehicle Insurance

Campbell Irvine – Accidental Damage Fire & Theft Insurance

This values Boris up to 12,000 GBP in the event of accidental damage, fire and theft. It only covers the physical car and any major items that are attached to the car. Such as the roof rack, roof tent, winch and compressor, spare tyres, additional fuel and water tanks. It does not cover any contents within the truck such as camping or electronic equipment.

Cost: 970 GBP

Greencard 3rd Party plus Extension Insurance 

Assurantiekantoor Alessie – (Russia Greencard – 14 days + 2 months extension cover in the Stans)

You are required to buy additional 3rd party only cover as you can not get full comprehensive cover for your vehicle on this type of journey. I had 3rd party cover for Europe as far as the Ukraine with my UK insurance. For Russia I required separate 3rd party (Greencard) insurance. For the majority of all the other countries between Georgia and Pakistan I will be required to buy 3rd party insurance at the border. As this insurance is sometimes limited I have purchased extension insurance to cover the 2 months I will be in the Stan countries. This will provide extra cover on top of the local insurance.

Cost: 170 Euro’s + 175 Euro’s

Health Insurance with baggage and electronic cover

True Traveller

This covers personal health and repatriation, adventure activity cover, luggage and removes the excess. It includes content and loss cover for up to 2000 GBP. While not the full coverage I would have liked for my equipment I was able to also insure up to two additional electrical items to the value of 450 GBP. I used this for my laptop. While not fully covered at least it is some cover.

Cost: 370 GBP

Film Equipment Insurance


This covers my film and electronic equipment up to the value of all  individual items over 30 GBP. This includes my cameras, equipment and storage devices. Unfortunately they do not cover 2nd hand computers which means my Macbook was excluded.

Cost: 160 GBP

UK Insurance

Additional thought for those considering a trip of this nature, is to not forget about the local UK insurance you need while preparing and using your vehicle in your home country. To insure Boris before I left was more expensive than the rest of my insurance put together, if I wanted 3rd party, fire and theft for 12 months. This was due to a number of factors. I lived in London, Boris was my only car, I didn’t have a no claims bonus, Boris was a modified vehicle and he was 20 years old. These are pretty much the worst combination of items when trying to insure your car. I was quoted 1,800 GBP for 12 months 3rd party, fire and theft. I ended up with 3 months 3rd party only cover for 350 GBP.

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