Camping with Boris

Recently Nathan and I went camping in Boris for the first time. The purpose was to test the equipment and to get first hand experience of what it would be like camping with Boris.

We headed down to Nathan’s Grandad’s farm in Sussex. It was a great spot to camp in the wild while still being to close to civilisation. Nathan already had some camping equipment so we used his.

There is a few bit of equipment I need to source and test over the next few weeks before departure.

We tested the:

  • Water supply system – where the cold tap broke completely – time for a replacement
  • Winch which played up when we released it. Funnily the next morning it was fine – more investigation required
  • Air compressor which didn’t work probably – I’ve since found the instructions and it mentions not washing with a high-powered water blaster! I wonder if getting Boris cleaned could have caused this?
  • Inverter power system – which drains power from the auxiliary battery fast when the car isn’t running – I knew this would happen but we wanted to test how long it would last. Only a few hours.
  • Fridge worked perfectly through the trip but there is an issue with the latch to resolve.
  • The cold had a noticeable effect of the battery life of my iPhone. Things like this are some of the little things that you need to be aware of.

It also gave us a chance to specify further requirements for camping and film equipment I would have. In the case of filming we came up with a range of options where we could attach cameras around the car to produce different angles. A vehicle like Boris provides many different options and as a result many more potential options for equipment (and expenditure, sigh..)


It was great sitting outside with the roof tent and awning set up enjoying our dinner, even if it was in chilly February conditions. Sleeping in the tent overnight was a great experience, especially in freezing sub-zero temperatures. I spent the night fully dressed in a spare sleeping bag from Nathan. Due to rushing around getting ready that morning, I only managed to forget my sleeping bag!! Muppet!!

In the evening we huddled in the warm cab watching an off-road driving DVD for entertainment before bed. It inspired us for our next test event.

A full day out off-road training. It promises to be a blast!!

All in all a great first session.

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  1. How did you find the tent? did the two halves stay together at the joint? When I got mine it had no locating pegs so the two halves could become unlevel, which made for an uncomfortable night.

    See here if you are interested


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