Happy New Year 2013

New Year’s Resolution

Al Humphreys is an adventurer that I’ve followed closely over the last 18 months. He is an inspiration to me, and many others with his down to earth approach to getting out there and doing adventures, great and small. Al has challenged people to publicly state their New Year’s Resolutions. So I have made my New Years Resolution as follows:

‘Hi Al,

My resolution is to travel overland from London to China and back, through Central Asia. Travelling from London to Russia we will join the Silk Road and head east to China though the “Stans” north of Afghanistan. We will then to head south via Laos to Malaysia in South East Asia. After shipping the vehicle to India we will head west via Nepal, Pakistan, Iran and Turkey, and finally Europe to London.

My aim is to explore present day Central Asia along the former Silk Road routes, retracing the steps of the players and the historical events of The Great Game. Through the interaction with the local people, cultures and landscape, the aim is to compare and contrast the historical version with modern day Central Asia. 

2013 is going to be an exciting year!!’

If you would like to meet Al’s challenge to can find him here

I’d like to wish everybody a Happy New Year and thanks for following me during 2012 – The Year of Adventure Preparation.

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  1. Happy New Year and good luck on your new adventures!

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    What’s your challenge for 2013?

  3. Here’s an article your readers might find useful. http://dioni.co.uk/snowdonia-challenge/ I’ve set myself the goal of completing the Harlech triathlon this year. I wont be first, but I will finish!

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