Over the last 6 months I have been trying to form a team that would share the goals and aims of the trip, while also achieving their own individual goals. It has been challenging and far from straight forward. I posted my plans of the Escape the City and Explorers Connect websites and the resulting response was heart warming. There was a number of people out there that shared my interest in the subject and area. Emails showing interest started to come in. Finally my idea was starting to take a life of its own. I spoke to a wide-ranging group of people who all had slightly different reason for wanting to do a trip like the one I laid out in front of them.

From here as a group we were able to start exchanging ideas, developing a plan, route and budget. Everything was starting to come together nicely. I was then faced with how to select the team. What sort of traits should I look for? How should I get people to commit? What skills did the trip need? What made one person a better choice than another? I had a few ideas but I wanted to get some advice so I dropped an email to an adventurous chap called Dave Cornthwaite and asked him for his thoughts.

Hi Dave,

Things are ticking along slowly trip wise. Currently in the team building phase. I imagine its something like your Skateboard trip. Any tips for selecting a team from random people?

Hi Jon

Selecting a team?

  • Personalities before skills,
  • Sense of humour, don’t take themselves to seriously,
  • Passionate about the project / journey,
  • Good team players,
  • Everything else comes after!

Hi Dave,

Sounds like good advice to me. Thanks.

Well after a couple of months talking to potential team mates I find myself still with a team of 1. Trying to accommodate multiple agendas, goals and aims has proved too difficult to pull together a plan that suits everybody’s budget, time availability and interest. I have to hold my own hand up here, as I’ve been so busy with work that I just haven’t put the time and effort into the planning side of the trip. It has been tougher than I anticipated and I’ve also found my own motivation levels sagging as a result of the lack of progress. As a result it has been impossible to get anybody to commit to a trip lacks detailed plans and overall direction. No surprises there.

A visit to the Royal Geographical Society Explore gathering in September has refocused and re-energised me. As a result of speaking with a few of the experts in the overlanding field I’ve changed my approach. Going forward I am planning this as a trip of 1. I will budget, plan and design the trip to my own requirements. I will leave when I choose too and I will go where I choose too. If, as a result of my planning it appeals others who wish to join me, and help work to achieve its goals, then they will be gratefully welcomed aboard.

I don’t regret going through the steps I have been. It has been a learning experience, and I am grateful to those that have shown interest and helped develop the plans to the stage they are in. I hope that I can provide some certainty with the travel plans and present an opportunity that other people with a sense of adventure will want to be involved in.

Stay tuned.

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