Deciding how to approach the trip is one of the tricky aspects. Buy a car, pack a bag and hit the road or go after funding, get documentary makers on board and raise the profile of the trip as high as possible?

Keeping it simple is generally the best way to go, and is the way I have approached all my trips to date. However I’m in the mood for a bigger challenge so I’ve been considering my options.

Here is a summary of the different angles I’ve been investigating.

Trip Approach

  • Adventure for ourselves, document simply
  • Film to produce adventure film
  • Educational trip with interactive communication
  • Charitable (Muskoka Foundation, specific charity)
  • RGS Go Explore bursary
  • Sponsorship

Funding Options

  • Fully Funded
  • Self Funded
  • Combined funded / self funded

Budget Approach

  • Basic – Cheap / Simple
  • Mid Range
  • Premium

Sponsorship is a tough ask in normally circumstances but today’s it is pretty darn impossible. This link to funding on the explorers connect website sums up the situation pretty well.

So what path should I take? After an inspiring session at the Royal Geographical Society last week I think I have narrowed down my options. Just what they are, will have to wait a little while longer folks…

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