A few weeks ago I met up with Henry, Ben and Tom in a local London pub to discuss the trip. Along with Sara who is based in Thailand the 5 of us have been researching the fundamentals of the trip. After a few months of investigating potential routes, budgets, visa’s, vehicles and approaches to the trip we were able to come together to review the initial results. In summary we were able to discuss the following topics:

Pricing Options

  • Vehicle Landcruiser 80 vs 100?
  • Accommodation: Hostel vs Camping?
  • China Yes / No, How long?
  • India / Pakistan / Iran Yes / No, How long?

Central Asia Route Options

  • Start through Turkey or Russia?
  • Outward via North or South of Afghanistan?
  • China via 219 Himalayas or longer route via Turpan & Urumpi?
  • Impact of Visa restrictions e.g Iran

Visa Summary

  • Which visa’s required before departure?
  • Which visa’s to be collected on the road?
  • Which countries affect the route?
  • Impact of Visa restrictions e.g Iran


  • Visas (People and Vehicle)
  • Fuel
  • Food
  • Accommodation
  • Vehicle Preparation
  • Vehicle Maintenance
  • Insurance
  • Discretionary spending

Our initial views came together nicely with everybody making a contribution. As a result this has allowed us all to refine the options to produce an updated picture of the potential trip budget. If you interested it looks like somewhere between 8-12k pounds sterling depending on the length of the journey. More than a pretty penny.

The next step is to decide of the approach and format of the trip.

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