I’m struggling along at the moment. I’ve finally reached that point I knew would arrive at some stage. I’ve fallen behind on my blogging, I’m struggling to keep up my triathlon training, I’m juggling my trip planning and the day job is not giving me a chance to rest. I’m just knackered…

All I want to do is curl up with a cup of tea and eat chocolate to comfort myself. Oh dear, poor me.

Time to harden up. Time to embrace the struggle.

On the bright side I did my first open water swim on the weekend with some of my triathlon teammates. We all enjoyed the practice and I managed 1350 metres which was great. As was my siesta afterwards when I got home. The triathlon is only 10 days away which is great because it will be over soon. I’ve noticed that this Yes Man challenge has been the toughest as its taken so long to prepare for. I just don’t have the time for big commitments to challenges. Going forward I will be keeping them to simple less time consuming activities, such as my latest challenge, kite surfing.

2 Responses to “Embrace the Struggle”

  1. Sounds like you’re well set up for the swim section, at any rate.

    Kite surfing does look like fun! Enjoy!

    • Just tried out my bike for the triathlon today as well. I wouldn’t call it the best way to prepare for a triathlon but I’m just about ready to go.

      The kite surfing sounds like a blast. You train on wheels on the beach before to attempt the water. I’ll produce a video for the day so everybody can check it out.

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