One of the best parts of any trip is planning the route. The options are endless. Trying to work out the best spots to visit, while trying to leave flexibility for changes of plan. Destinations of historic and cultural significance, old and new. An exciting mix of cultures, languages, histories and economic standing.

Recently I created a draft itinerary for the trip through Central Asia, which the team is currently using as a research guide.

I’ve split the trip into 4 legs. European and Asia outbound and Asia and Europe inbound. Of course the Asian section is the primary focus of the trip but the opportunity to visit a number of European countries isn’t one to be missed. Based on the list below we would be visiting 38 countries, 26 of which I’ve never visited before. It’s an exciting thought, that all things going to plan, we could be on the road this time next year.

Outward Leg

London – Belgium – Germany – Poland – Slovakia – Hungary – Serbia – Romania – Bulgaria

Turkey – Georgia – Armenia – Azerbaijan – Turkmenistan – Uzbekistan – Tajikistan – Afghanistan – Kyrgyzstan – Kazakhstan – China

Inward Leg

Tibet – Nepal – India – Pakistan – Iran – Iraq – Turkey

Greece – Macedonia – Albania – Montenegro – Bosnia – Croatia – Slovenia – Austria – Liechtenstein – Switzerland – France – Luxembourg – France – London

I wonder how the final route will look prior to departure, and how it will compare to the actual route. I imagine there will be some unexpected surprises, both pleasant and not so pleasant. I’d love to know what you think.

Do you have any suggestions on the route we should take?

6 Responses to “What route to take through Central Asia?”

  1. Chuck in Kosovo as well if you can. A little gem if you ask me.

  2. That’s one hell of an adventure, man. If I’m still in Kyrgyzstan when you get here look me up!

    • Bob,
      Thanks for the offer.
      It sure is a big and exciting trip. We’ll be sure to let you know when we are passing through. Where exactly are you based?

  3. Hi Oosil,
    Don’t you have concerns about passing thru countries like Afghanistan Iraq Iran, I think I would with a British passport?

    • Hi Mike,
      I’m always monitoring the situation in each country. I will right up to the time I am planning to enter. If there were problems I would alter the route. I’m in contact with people that have been travelling through these areas recently (with British Passports) with no problems. Nothing is ever completely set in stone and things will change I’m sure. However I think it’s realistic to go to these countries. If I didn’t I wouldn’t have them on the itinerary.

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