In recent weeks a number of adventurers I follow have completed adventures of their own.

Alastair Humphreys rowed across the Atlantic. If you ever wanted to get an insight into what it is like check out his video fo the trip. Here it is, all 2500 nautical miles, 45 sleep-deprived, food-deprived, vomit-filled days at sea. Distilled down into four minutes.

Tom Evans of Exceed Possibility and Secret Compass trekking in the Zagros Mountains of Iraqi Kurdistan. Here abot Tom’s experiences with the people.

Dave Cornthwaite and Emily Penn have just sailed from Mexico to Hawaii.

It was Dave’s 5th journey as part of his Expedition1000 challenge and Emily’s gazillionth trip on the vessel Sea Dragon as part of the Pangaea Explorations. They travelled as part of Pangaea Exploration team which operates the expedition sailing vessel Sea Dragon on a long-term project of marine conservation, exploration and education.

Well done guys!!

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