Well, in my case I’ve gone into a hibernation of sorts. The shock of return to London in winter is tough. The shock of return to work is an even bigger one. Two and a half years of planning and completing finally came to an end with a bang!! Just like that the journey was over, I enjoyed a few beers, shared a few stories and headed off for a bit of a sleep. At least until the following Monday morning.

It’s taken six weeks to just bring myself to write this. In the meantime I’ve spent my time thinking I must write some more. At the very least I must post the last part of the trip. But no I just haven’t been able to do it.

I’m hoping this will be the start of the return to writing. What this space!!

I finally received my xmas presents (London)

I finally received my xmas presents (London)

5 Responses to “What Happens When You Finish”

  1. Graham Naismith says:

    Yep nothing prepared me for the return. An initial elation followed by a depressing drop into minutiae.

  2. I just loved to follow you on your amazing trip! And although it was kind of sad that you finished (no more adventure stories for me to read), kudos for completing the challenge & success on your next adventure!

    • Thanks for following Manuela. Don;t worry though as I still have a few more stories to tell. I’m working until the end of June then I’lll be back working on telling more stories. Film, book and speaking are in the works.

  3. Funny.. I so get what you describe in your blog post here. We did a trip from London to Sydney in 2009. We only took 6 months. Once returning to work it took me about 3 months to actually start being properly productive again.. I sat there dreaming of being back on the road.. then I got back into the routine. now I am dreaming of my next trip.

    Thanks for the blog it’s been great reading on the bus/ferry to work…

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