Happy New Year from Kiwi Ted, Boris & the Big O

Happy New Year from Kiwi Ted, Boris & the Big O

Happy New Year from Dogubayazit, Turkey. Affectionately known as Dog Biscuit. πŸ™‚

It’s been a brilliant year full of adventure, mystery and surprises. With so many events that I could have never predicted, it has been a crazy ride. Everywhere I have been the people of each country have been welcoming, hospitable and generous. And the followers of the expedition have given me countless messages of support which I have been grateful for. I world is truly a friendly place.

Through the good and (sometimes) bad I’ve had a blast and can proudly look back on 2013 as my greatest year of adventure, exploration, fun, sharing and enjoyment with hundred’s, if not thousands of people from around the globe. The challenges have come thick and fast, with fun and games at every turn.

Where 2014 will go I can not predict but it promises to continue a fantastic trend of adventure. Right now I do not know how or when I will finish my journey but I do not care. I’m content that it will be fun and entertaining whatever happens. I just plan to continue with a smile on my face (most of the time) and live by the mantra ‘She’ll be right’.

Roll on 2014.

Take care and remember to Say Yes More…

Big O, Kiwi Ted and Boris

p.s A special thanks to my expedition team. Thanks for all your efforts lads.





3 Responses to “Happy New Year from Big O’s Adventures”

  1. Good to see the wheels are turning again. Boris is back! EB

    • Unfortunately the wheels aren’t turning EB. Boris is parked at the border and I’m trying to figure what my next move is. But for now it’s New Years so the Raki is flowing. Yee Haa.

  2. Biren Thapar says:

    You meet nice people because you are a nice guy . Hopefully Boris will be fighting fit in the coming days , and take you on , on the last leg of your very exciting journey . Wishing you. A very Happy Journey and God Speed :-))) Take care . Thaps

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