Two months from today, on January 11th 2014 I will arrive back in London. As my journey starts to reach the final phase it’s a good time to celebrate the people and places I’ve seen so far on this amazing journey.

From April to August 2013 I travelled from London to Malaysia, visiting 18 countries on the outward journey of my expedition East.

I’ve met a lot of interesting people along the way. Here’s a few of them.

This clip includes a little piece of every country I visited going east. If we have met along the way there is a good chance you will feature. And for those not featured, don’t worry you are definitely not forgotten.

Once again its great work from Joby Newson (@jnewson) to create this short film. And a special thanks to Amy Bennetts for bringing the song ‘I Lived’ by OneRepublic to my attention. 

14 Responses to “That’s What It’s All About, People”

  1. Wow. Theres even a couple of Kiwi film stars included!! Go Kiwis! Nice montage all round. EB.

  2. Totally amazing man. Gotta grow me a pair like yours. Or just come with you next time?

  3. Tanya Davies says:

    Awesome. Been loving your work and was digging those dances moves too.

  4. This is so great Jon! Looks like an amazing journey. Good on you!! Stay safe. Hayley

  5. Jason Hammersley says:

    Hey ya pal, looks like your having a blast and we all wish we were along for the ride. Away over night for work and raising a beer to you mate – go kiwi . Jas

  6. Sophie Davies says:

    Love the video Oosil! Enjoy your last few months on the road. Sophx

  7. Love it!


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