The Urban Dance Centre Team

The Urban Dance Centre Team

Being on the road in October 2013 has unfortunately meant that I have had to miss the weddings of four very close friends. Unable to celebrate and join them on the dance floor in person I’ve made a Bollywood dance video for them instead.

On Saturday 19th October 2013 Laura and Colin in London, and Susana and Andrew in Mexico are getting married. It’s a great day for a celebration. This dance video is for you guys. Sorry I can’t be with you in person, but you can trust I am there in spirit.


Many thanks to Jasveen, Sahaj and the team at Urban Dance Centre in Delhi for their help in producing this video.

And a special thanks to the wonderful Tina Sharma who was able to make my outlandish request for a Bollywood dance troupe become a reality. A very talented lady.

26 Responses to “The Wedding Dance – Bollywood Style”

  1. Quality!

  2. Like I said…Big Balls. Well done fella.

  3. Great Dancer Jon,but more than that this is a very sensitive and touching gesture .Cheers

  4. Lambie Pie says:

    Oosil – you never disappoint Brother!! Quality – LP

  5. This is epic Jon!! Glad I could help facilitate it 😀

  6. Stick to the day job matey! Covent Garden might be just out of reach. But an awesome job well done.

  7. Quality buddy, Did they offer you a full time position in the troupe?

  8. Absolutely brilliant!! Glad to see your ‘talents’ are finally being appreciated globally.. 🙂

  9. Oosil,
    Great to speak to you on Saturday and good to hear all is going well. You missed a gret day here in Tepoztlan, the wedding was the happiest day of our lives. Thanks for speaking to the Dalai Lama and getting his blessing!
    Cracking video, some great dance moves but I’d stick to the day job if I were you!

    See you back in London soon.

    Mr and Mrs Dacey

    • Congratulations to Mr and Mrs Dacey!!

      Glad you both had a great day. You were no doubt blessed by great forces than you and me.

      Glad you like the video also. I’ll be keeping the dance job as a back up.


  10. Just beautiful darling. Your friends may reciprocate and do their version of Bollywood wedding dance for you. It’s fab, glad you’re having fun x

  11. The man has found his calling… =)

  12. Peter Kohler says:

    Mate this is rightious! Loving it!


    Lets get it on the map!

  13. Keep it going Oos and you can take on Matt Harding in the global dancing challenge.

    • I’ve seen a couple of his video’s. I started working on something similar before I saw this. I’ll have a short video of mine own when I’m finished this journey.

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