The fear of everything coming true

For months now I’ve been thinking about my latest adventure plans. Since June 2011 in fact. So why has taken me so long to verbalise my ideas?

I knew I wanted to maintain an adventurous lifestyle after I came back from South America last March. I developed an idea for the next big trip, and I decided to do it in November. Still though, it took me to until January to tell everybody via my blog and social media. And yet, here we are in February and I still haven’t made my goals public.

Surely publishing my blog is good enough isn’t it? That’s given everybody an idea of what I’m planning, while not committing myself to anything to specific. I have to admit the fear of failure plays its part. The pressure to do what I say I’m going to do, plays on my mind each day. But in reality its been the fear of everything coming true has worried me the most. The fact that I might have to do everything I’ve been dreaming about, is what has stopped me from telling the world.

So here it is laid out in front of you. Today I tell everybody what my goals and fears are. It is now in the public domain.

Below are the goals I put down on paper 4 months ago when I was dreaming of how the next two years would unfold.

Primary Goals

  • The purpose / aim of the trip is for adventure.
  • To explore Central Asia and the many cultures that reside there. The aim would be to visit the countries and meet the local people. Experience the local customs, foods, drinks, adventure activities and historical landmarks.
  • Aim to keep the trip as simple and cost effective as possible.

Secondary Goals

  • Record and publish the adventure across the forms of written (blog/website), photo’s and video. Telling to story in two parts. The preparation for the trip (How to become an adventurer), and the trip itself (The journey). There is the potential to experiment with social media to increase awareness of the trip.
  • Other areas to consider would be a charity aspect, funding and grant opportunities, and sponsorship.

Further Potential Goals

  • There is potential to make a documentary based on the history of ‘The Great Game‘ in Central Asia. Scout documentary locations and events for a full scale documentary.
  • Is there something that would benefit the RGS or another society, that could be conducted on the trip?

My Fears

  • Nobody will come with me. I’ll have to go alone.
  • Nobody is interested in hearing about the journey.
  • Nobody will help me.

Now that I’ve got that out of the way, all that’s left is to get on with the job. With a little hard work, a little luck and maybe some help, I might just achieve the goals that I’ve set out to do.

Now it’s the fear of everything coming true that I have to contend with.

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  1. Love finding our more about adventures and adventurers. I’ll be following with interest.

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