From time to time we all need inspiration. Some find it easily, and some struggle. I fall into both categories. When I find something that interests and intrigues me, I find I’m motivated to investigate, and to action, without any difficulty. However after the initial flurry of activity and excitement, of a website launch or a new trip, I can start to struggle with my motivation. That’s when it helps to go looking for inspiration. I like to go to adventure events, or to catch up with travel buddies.

Last weekend I went to the Adventure Travel Show at London’s Olympia events centre. I went along to see what inspiration the event had to offer. The stands provided a long list of adventure activities to choose from, but it is the talks that I find are the real inspiration. Nick Crane gave a great talk of adventures he has had filming around the UK, and Chris Scott from Trailblazer Guides provided some great information on overland vehicle trips. So much so I brought his overland guide.

However the real inspiration was a packed out talk from Andy Campbell. If you want to be inspired check out his website Andy is planning a 30,000mile trip around the world. What makes Andy different is is that he is a paraplegic and will be doing the trip on a combination a handcycle, paraglider, kayak, ski, and kite-buggy. Wow!! Andy is truly inspirational!!

To end the day I had a reunion with a bunch of fellow traveller’s from my South American travels. We caught up and reminisced about our great times together. It was a great night out.

All in all it was a great day out in search of inspiration.

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