Hi All,

Almost 2 years to the day, after I got up at an Escape the City meet up in London, and asked if ‘Anybody fancied going for a drive?’, I find myself in Kuala Lumpur at the end of Leg 3. After 126 days on the road, 19 countries, 14,000 miles, 22,500 kms, Legs 1, 2 & 3, 10 Boris services, 3 borders crossed without the right paperwork, 2 x-rays, and one dodgy wrist, I’ve reached the end point of my journey east.

I’ve battled storms, floods, rivers, breaking cars, bike wankers, delayed ferries, hospitals and ladyboys. I’ve seen deserts, caves, mountains, snow, seas, lakes and Great Walls. I’ve drunk vodka with mechanics, farmers, government lawyers, business men, sales men, taxi drivers, hostel owners, students and fellow travellers. I’ve bribed cops, charmed cops, cheered up cops, run away from cops, and nearly run over cops. I’ve slept in guesthouses, hostels, hotels, roof tents, on couches, on carpets under the stars, and even on the Great Wall. I’ve met local Ukrainians, Russians, Georgians, Azerbaijanis, Turkmen, Uzbeks, Kazakhs, Kirghiz, Tajiks, Persians, Afghans, Wakhi, Chinese Han, Chinese Uyghur, Laos, Thais, and Malaysians. I’ve laughed, screamed, yelled, stewed, cursed, fumed, whispered, joked, smiled and nearly cried. I’ve made many new friends, met some old ones, and lost a few along the way. Its been quite an adventure so far.

It feels like the halfway point in the project. The project I’ve referred to in many different ways: my greatest ever challenge, my continued search for adventure, my attempt to sate my desire to explore, my need to investigate for myself, with my own eyes, what Central Asia is really like. From the expedition’s inception in mid 2011 to now, is just over 2 years, and I expect the project to roll on for at least another 2 years.

From here I face my toughest challenges yet. In attempting to return home overland to London, I must cross India, Pakistan, Iran (and potentially northern Iraq) to reach Turkey, and the end of Leg 4. All these countries will prove enormously challenging, India due to its size, Pakistan due to its troubles, and Iran with its new government (not to mention the fact, I do not have a visa yet). There may even in the opportunity to pass through the northern Kurdistan region of Iraq. This will be my longest leg yet, somewhere in excess of 100 days.

Where the first part of the journey showcased Central Asia, and the Great Game, through its Russian sphere of influence, the next part will focus on what the British have done in the region. It’s time to head west. Boris has a boat to catch, and another 12-13,000 miles of new and exciting adventures ahead.

Thank you all, for your support along the way. And of course a special thanks to all the people I’ve met along the way. It has been my privilege to experience a little, of your way of life.

And finally I have a treat for you all. With great pleasure I’d like to premiere, the first trailer for The Great Game Expedition film.

This short film was produced by Joby Newson, my expedition film editor (@Jnewson). I think you’ll agree he has done a fantastic effort to turn my ramblings into something looking almost semi-professional. Great work Joby!!

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  1. Loving the film Jon, it’s immense how much you have achieved. Chin up young man.

  2. Tremendous stuff Jon. Kath and I have just enjoyed watching the trailer. I’ll show it to Evie when she wakes up! Good luck on the next leg…

  3. Wow – awesome. Can’t wait to see the final product. Really enjoying your blogs Oosil. They’re well written, informative and interesting. I eagerly await every new instalment x

    • Cheers Ro. I’m loving the challenge, though the though of a few weeks on Koh Phi Phi has me drooling. Hope all is going well with you own adventure with little Taine. x

  4. Allan Horner says:

    Great stuff Jon. Your writing is getting better & better too.

  5. Amazing stuff mate – I had no idea how much of a trip this was going to be! Superb.

  6. Hey Jon
    Loving this, get a real appreciation of the journey you’re under going both physically and tantalising glimpse into the emotional journey! Joby did great job.

    Helps bring our Duck Down Under Journey in perspective!

  7. Great footage Jon- awesome experiences and your resume reads beautifully-!one gets a real sense for your passion about your journey . Good luck and stay safe on the next leg.

  8. Nice one Jon! Look forward to catching up back in London when we are both back. Film looks ace!

  9. Vanessa Viner says:

    Awesome job on the trailer! I like the choice of soundtrack. The good Dr and I wish you well & safe travels on the leg back to London xx

  10. Love the film that is one expensive child you have, hope Boris is behaving himself. All Blacks is on in the background & makes me think of all the trips the gang had watching them around the world. Hope you get to watch it. Keep safe please. Love Hewson gang x

  11. Great trailer! I didn’t fall asleep 🙂 Look forward to reading your blogs on the second half of your journey and hoping Boris makes it back over here!!! All the best and keep safe!!

  12. Hi Big Guy WOW!?! what a trip so far, big pat on the back bud. Doing my best just to keep up with the blogs. I must have watched the clip with the Tajik nomad a dozen times and it still cracks me up!?! Triing to keep Matthew up to speed with where you are but it’s hard to keep a six year old’s attention, sorry. Best of luck for the homeward leg. Keep on Truck’n;-) Jas Jen & McMonkeys

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