Blog Flashback – My first blog at the beginning of the year


Hello Everybody,

Welcome to my new blog!

Ever since I returned from my last adventure to South America I’ve been thinking what to do next. I knew I wanted to maintain an adventurous lifestyle even though I live and work in London. Over the last six months I’ve been researching ideas, following other adventurers and generally looking for inspiration in a variety of places. With the arrival of the New Year, the launch of this blog is the culmination of the journey so far.

After visiting Afghanistan in 2009 I have had a growing interest in the people, cultures and the history of Central Asia. Therefore, what better way to explore this area than to drive overland along the Silk Road. I’m planning to head off in 2013, most likely in the middle of the year. But before I can depart there is plenty to do in way of preparation for the trip. So this year will be all about my efforts to prepare in my own indelible way.

I hope you will join me for the journey. Please feel free to look at the rest of my website and follow me.

I’m looking forward to the adventure.

Happy New Year

Big O

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