Hi everybody,

Just a quick note to say Boris, Kiwi Ted and I have made it to the Chinese border. Today we cross over into China over the Tourgat Pass to Kashgar. We are now part of a group of fellow overlanders (6 bikes, 2 trucks and 1 guide).

We’ll be crossing over the pass as you read this. It’s an exciting way to end The Stans section and celebrate the completion of Leg 2.

Bring on Leg 3!!

35 days across China before heading into South East Asia with Kuala Lumpur as the final destination.


5 Responses to “Is that the Tourgat Pass? It sure is!! – Leg 2 Complete”

  1. Great result so far. Go for Leg 3.

  2. Paul Hinton says:

    Hi Jon. Just finished reading Trespassers on the roof of the World, by Peter Hopkins and am currently reading Kim by Rudyard Kipling, and next is The Great Game: On secret Service in High Asia!! Such fascinating reads!!

  3. Hi Jon,

    can you provide some information how you made it over Tourgat Pass?
    I’ve heard it’s quite difficult (if not impossible) for tourists… but obviously this information is not correct?
    I’m planing a bicycle tour from Bishkek to Kashgar – so any information you can give us will help!

    Thank you,

    • Hi Simon,

      If you are travelling by bicycle you many have to arrange a ride from the border to Kashgar in China. As we were driving we had to meet a guide at the border to help arrange our paperwork. The road to the border as being rebuilt when I passed by. It might be finished now. I’m not so sure about the rules for bicycles so I can’t help you much more. I’d look for cyclist blogs and check HUBB website.


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