The weary travellers reach Baku

The weary travellers reach Baku

Hi everybody,

Just a quick note to say Boris, Kiwi Ted and I arrived in Baku at 11pm last night. It was a fantastic end to the leg. Baku city was buzzing and all action. There were cars and people everywhere. The city was beautifully lit as I made my way to the waterfront. With all the excitement I ended up running down to see the Caspian Sea.

Leg 1 is compete!!

Now it’s time to sort that unbookable, unreliable and most likely bribable ferry ride to Turkmenistan…


View of the Caspian Sea from my room

View of the Caspian Sea from my room

3 Responses to “Is that the Caspian Sea I can see? It sure is!! Leg 1 Complete!!”

  1. Hey Bud well done!?! Sounds amazing and looks like your having a blast.
    I’ll show Matthew pic of kiwi Ted when I get him from school I’m sure he’ll be cuffed to bits to see him with you on the road.
    Glad to see Boris is holding together, is your navigation tec behaving itself?
    All the best from Mc-Hammersley’s

  2. ian laird says:

    Hey there john
    Great to hear you made it. Waiting to hear all about baku 🙂
    Looking at a job there with bp for a couple of years.
    Good luck for the next leg.

  3. jan beardmore says:

    Hey well done! Thoroughly enjoing your blog. How are you and Boris, standing up to the wear and tear? xx Mum.

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