Adios everybody,

I’ve just left London today. I’m cruising towards Dover and a first night near Calais.

You can follow my journey via the live route tracking map linked to my Delorme Satellite Tracker.

You can zoom in and out by using the options on the left hand side of the map.


You can find this link on the route tab on the website.

8 Responses to “Live Route Tracking Map – Follow My Journey”

  1. I’m so looking forward to watching this map go. Have a blast buddy.

  2. Nice alternative to Spot. Looking forward to seeing where you go.

  3. Will Thomas says:

    Looks like you are motoring along, seems like a lot of miles packed in so far. I am off to the Galapagos tomorrow so wont be in contact for a couple of weeks. Take care buddy, speak when I get back.

  4. Good to see you on the road! We are in Tbilisi and will cross into Russia on, hopefully, Tuesday. What is your route south?

  5. Hey John
    Enjoy the adventure and I really look forward to seeing some pix and hearing the stories about the next leg

  6. Eric Beardmore says:

    What is the verdict re the lights. Maybe a ‘Relay’ failed? Also hows the oil pressure light?

  7. Boris is with the Toyota Donetsk mechanics overnight. They have fix the lights. Faulty/old fuse connection has been replaced.

    Boris has lost 1L of oil over the last 2 weeks. There are a number of areas around the transmission and sump drain point that are leaking. They have replaced the sump washer and are going to remove the transmission box, re-pack and re-install to try and address the leaks. They checked the oil sensor and it appears to be ok.

    I suspect it will be something I’ll have to monitor along the journey closely.


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