It’s bloodly difficult to go on an overland vehicle journey when your vehicle is not ready to go.

What do you do when you have a major fail in your preparation? Hang your head in your hands? Get angry? Kick something? Accept it as part of the process and continue moving forward? All of the above? Those are some of the phases I’ve been through this week.

Last Tuesday I headed off to have the final pre-expedition vehicle checks done. It should have been a straightforward trip but in fact it was the start of a hellish week.

Driving out to Overland Cruisers the water pump broke. The overheating that I missed caused damage to the engine which required attention. This lead to us uncovering a leak with the window washer supply line and the same with the air con when it was re-gassed. The torque converter needed to be reconditioned which we knew about. Delays finding one, (one was apparently lost in the post!!) meant a race to Bristol to get my current one reconditioned. This then failed due to a) poor installation b) poor reconditioning c) another undiscovered problem. After the 2nd reconditioned torque converter went in we still had the oil leak problem. So the search for a solution continues.

Therefore I will have to delay the departure. The original plan was to depart from the gates of the Royal Geographic Society on Wednesday 10th April.

How this will affect the planned route is unclear at this point. There is some flex in the schedule but not much. If the delay is significant then I will have to look at reducing time spent in locations or even missing countries.

On the positive side it is better to have found these issues out before departure (though I wish they had been identified in the earlier inspections).

Could I have avoided this? I’ve been asking myself this repeatedly over the last few days. Probably yes. But no matter how well you prepare, no matter how well you think have everything scheduled, things just don’t always go to plan. A few extra days to prepare won’t hurt as long as it’s just a few extra days!!

5 Responses to “Departure is Delayed!!”

  1. Mark Nortje says:

    Sorry to hear about the delays! Sounds like a whole culmination of car issues. When are you hoping to now depart if you feel the 10th can be done?

    • With a little luck Friday or Saturday would be good days to depart. Time will tell. Depends on the problem solving ability of my mechanics.

  2. Chin up chap, it’ll all be fine 🙂

  3. Best of luck for a weekend departure Jon

  4. Jon – it will all come together! This is an amazing challenge and adventure… I will live vicariously through your exploits over the next few months….and remember the essentials….4 Wheels moving forwards, food and water, and a can do attitude will go a long way…

    Good luck!

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