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While I was on my South American trip in 2010/11 I lived by a simple rule.

‘While on my travels if anybody offers me the opportunity to do any outdoor/extreme adventure activity I will say YES’

In the spirit of this way of life I plan to continue with this approach and follow the lead of the Yes Man, Mr Danny Wallace.

For fairness I will apply the following set of rules to guide the challenges:

  1. The challenger has to have already completed the challenge, or
  2. The challenger will complete the challenge with me.
  3. If neither of the first two apply the challenge will be at my discretion (this is a safeguard against some of my friends creating ridiculous challenges, though I’ll probably still say YES).
  4. Each challenge must have an outdoor element (but it can include indoor elements as well).
  5. It doesn’t conflict with any previously made plans (if this is the case I will endeavour to try and find a solution).
  6. In the interest of self preservation, I will use my personal judgement for anything considered dangerous, and a risk to me completing any further challenges.

With that said, I say bring it on!!

I invite anybody to set me a challenge, and I’ll say YES!!

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(I’ll even make a video of the challenge)

10 Responses to “Yes Man Challenge”

  1. Big O, I shall lay a winter challenge at your doorstep. A morning or afternoon of Stand-Up Paddleboarding on the mighty Thames. Death awaits those who fall in and drink from the dark river.
    What do you say fella?

  2. Big O – I challenge you to a mighty Triathlon in Nottingham on the 25th May 2012! It’s to raise funds for people with learning disability and mental illness in South Africa through an organisation called Climb Any Mountain (or swim, cycle, run any triathlon!). What do you say Big O?

  3. I am very new to this site and hope I can find you again when I exit. I have been invited to do the silk road in August – starting in Budapest. Iam not so sure that is going to happen this year for this American. I am also planning to do South America so will be interested in your trip there.

    Tom Udulutch

    • Hi Tom,

      I hope you get the chance to visit the Silk Road. I’m certainly excited about going there. Definitely get down to South America too. It’s a fantastic place to travel.


  4. Blondy says:

    Big O
    With summer approaching I feel that a water challenge is in order. An afternoon of learning to Kite Surf at Southend-On-Sea.
    Are you up for the Challenge?

    • Blondy,

      Thanks for the challenge. Kite Surfing has just been granted Olympic status. Seems only fair we give it a go.

      I say YES!!

  5. I challenge you to stand within 5 metres of a guy smashing really hard projectiles at you with a lump of wood while dressed all in white.

    O wait, you already did that!

    Good on you Johny! Look forward to following your adventures!!

  6. I was young and foolish back then. Plus I had pretty handy reactions. I’m not sure I’d last long these days Fitzy.

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