Travelling Solo

Well it’s official. I’m travelling solo. After 18 months of trying I have been unable to find any partners in crime.

The challenge is all mine. I get to do it my way. I will be outside of my comfort zone and will have to test myself on a daily basis. Everybody I meet will be new and I will have to engage with the locals. Each culture will be new and each experience unique. It’s my journey now.

In hindsight I would have approached it differently? I should have planned the trip the way my way and then made it available to others right from the start. By endeavouring to make it a group effort from the early stages, it resulted in delays to the overall programme. I’m now behind where I would have liked to be in terms of preparation and as a result I’m now working full-time preparing. If I’d had to work full-time as well, I would be struggling.

In the end I’m doing it my way. If I had decided to take this approach 12 months ago I would have save myself a lot of time and effort. If I had decided to go by myself in the first place… Well let’s just say I’d have saved myself quite a few hassles. This just means I will have less time to test my equipment than I would have liked.

On the flip side though I wouldn’t have met so many people interested in the trip, that in turn have provided a lot of fantastic support and assistance. In reality it’s been an adventure in its own right getting this far, so I don’t regret any of it at all.


  • If you are starting an expedition by yourself, define and plan the trip to your specification first. Then make it available to others. That is not to say that others can not influence the plans in the early stages. It just gives more certainty to your plans.
  • Be prepared to travel alone, as it’s not easy to find people who will share your goals and ambitions for the expedition. The more complex and ambitious it is, the more difficult it can be to find team mates. This is especially relevant if you have no track record doing expeditions of this nature.

8 Responses to “Why failing to find a team mate might be the best outcome”

  1. Hi Mate, you know I would have loved to come if I had the dosh, I will follow your blogs and if by the end of the year I have a bit of that dosh, then I might be able to catch up with you somewhere on your trip. All I can say is Bon Voyage and the very best luck for you!! Don’t let those boarder guards rip you off with made up ‘taxes’ or the likes!!



  2. Travelling alone is fab – I’ve been in Thailand and Cambodia for three months so far alone, and love it. You will too!

    • Hi Ellen,

      I’m excited about travelling solo. That’s the way I’ve done most of my travelling to date anyway. I’m pretty sure I won’t be alone for long along the journey.


  3. Graham Naismith says:

    Some do and some talk


    Graham Naismith

  4. Allan Horner says:

    Hi Jon
    Have an awesome adventure. We shall follow it with interest.

    Allan & Pat

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