Answer: As many people as you can find to help!!

If you are lucky there will be multiple people, but in many (probably most) cases there will be no one but yourself. Personally, I love planning for new journeys and adventures so I don’t mind doing it myself. I get total freedom to design the trip that suits my style of travel, which is to head in a general direction, armed with a few ideas and figure the rest out along the way.

However 2013’s Great Game overland journey is a team event and therefore benefits from team input. A couple of weeks ago after our first team meet up I sent out a request to the enthusiastic people who have contacted me to get involved. The email went like this:

Hi Guys, 

I hope you are all well. As promised I said I would be in touch to discuss the next steps. 

For the trip to go ahead and the team to be formed there are a few activities that need to take place. A number of you have asked how much do I think it will cost. It’s a very good question. To work that out we need to work out a few items that will help with the costings for the trip. 

  • The Route – Distance, Locations & Countries
  • Visa’s – individual and car
  • Fuel prices in each country – Diesel & Petrol (most likely Diesel though)
  • Estimate of daily running costs excluding fuel in each country – camping vs B&B / hostels / Hotels
  • Car selection and expedition preparation – Landcruiser 80 is the current favourite

I’ve discussed a number of these items with a few of you now. What I need is a little help on each of these items. Once developed we’ll be able to work out an outline operating budget for the trip. Of course there will be a number of other costs to factor in once we get into the detail but this will be a good start.

So I’m opening it up to the group for volunteers to help me with the research for the items above. I wouldn’t expect it to require much more than a couple of hours a week. It would be great to have an outline set of figures for the next meeting.

Any takers?

Over the Easter period I was in touch with the Great Game team and we now have someone looking at each of the items above, which is great. Many hands make light work of tasks, as well as bringing different planning skills and approaches to the process.

In a few weeks time I hope to be able to produce an outline budget that the team can use as a guide for budgeting purposes. I wonder what the magic figure will be?

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