At the beginning the month I posted my ad looking for team mates to join me my the overland trip to China and back next year. After a great response from both the UK and overseas, I’ve been in touch with a range of people interested in project. After a few phone calls and emails, the logical next step was to meet face to face over a few beers and chat about the project.

So at 4.30pm on Sunday 18th March at the Queen’s Head & Artichoke near Regents Park in London the first official Great Game gathering took place. (

What can I say, the first team meet was fantastic!! It was a chance to exchange ideas and get other views on how to complete the trip. We discussed the route, length of trip, potential budgets. Neal kindly provided us with an interesting insight to the region having completed the Mongol rally last year.

What I found interesting was, that within the overall trip goal of adventure and documenting the trip I had set, others had personal goals that they could see for themselves. Tom to develop his adventure CV as a profession. Henry could see as a potential career change into journalism/documentary making after the army. And Tam was just purely for the adventure. It’s great to see the project inspiring people in different ways.

The film / documenting aspect has generated a lot of excitement for the trip. And we are even entertaining the possibility of applying for the RGS Landrover bursary for overland journey’s with a geographic purpose. Another exciting development has been the number of people who have signalled their interest just to be involved in the project whether it be time, experience in the area, advice on filming or just to lend a hand.

There are challenges ahead, as it will be difficult to select from a passionate group, the members to join the team. Some people are abroad so logically it’s challenging but not impossible. These days most of a journey like this one will be planned in front of a computer and on the phone, so it does not necessarily matter where you are in the world. However you can’t escape the benefit of team building activities such as overland driving training and camping to test the group dynamics.

There are exciting times ahead that’s for sure. Looks like I won’t be alone for long.

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